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2017: anniversaries to keep in mind

In 2017 many anniversaries must be remembered and taken into consideration:
17 C.E. the historian Titus Livius dies (‘Ab Urbe condita libri CXLII’);
117  C.E. Hadrian becomes emperor; also known for his relationship with Antinous and the Marguerite Yourcenar’s novel ‘Les mémoires d’Hadrien’ (‘Memoirs of Hadrian’);
317 C.E. in China, Sima Rui, becomes the first emperor of the eastern Jin, taking the name of Jin Yuandi. His capital was Jiankang, the future Nanjing;
417 C.E. Galla Placidia, daughter of Theodosius the Great, gets married with the general Flavius Costantius; their child is Valentinianus III;
517 C.E. Sigmund of the Burgundians, the first barbarian king considered as a saint by the Catholic Church, once converted to the Christianism, convokes the Epaon council, for fighting the heretics;
617 C.E. Byzantine emperor Heraclius manages to save the Cross of Jesus Christ, stolen by the Persians;
1017 Hamza ibn-’Ali ibn-Ahmad, belonging to the imamat movement of the Shia Islam, founds the Druze religion, a monotheistic cult which mixes different traditions, considered heretic from orthodox Muslims;
1117 in Pistoia (Italy), it is written the ‘Statuto dei consoli’ (‘Councilors’ Bill’), the eldest anthology in the world concerning rules and practices of the Medium Age;
1317 The Great Famine, which took place in North Europe since 1315, ends, at least for its most ferocious phase;
1417 Martin V becomes Pope and the Great Schism of the West, started in 1377, ends;
1517 Martin Luther puts his 95 arguments on the doors of the Wittenberg cathedral and the Protestant Reformation does its first moves;
1617 in Venice (Venezia, Italy), saint Marc Cathedral is finished, after a work of centuries;
1717 in London, the first Great Freemason Lodge is established;
1817 News York Stock Exchange is institutionalized;
1817 Jane Austen dies (‘Pride and Prejudice‘, ‘Sense and Sensibility’ , ‘Mansfield Park’‘Emma’);
1867 Charles Baudelaire dies (‘Les fleurs du mal’);
1967 Luigi Pirandello is born (‘il piacere dell’onestà’,‘Il berretto a sonagli’. ‘Uno, nessuno e centomila’, ‘il fu Mattia Pascal’);
1867 Marie Curie, who discovered radium in the meanwhile she worked together with her husband, is born; two Nobel Awards, for Physics (1903), and Chemistry (1991);
1887 on May 25, ‘Padre Pio’, an Italian friar considered a saint by the Catholic Church, is born;
1917 in Russia, the October Revolution starts on, and breaks down the zar Nicola II monarchy; Vladimir Il’ič Ul’janov, aka Lenin, takes the power;
1917, the painter Edgar Degas dies (very known his paintings on the dancers…);
1917 very famous American president John Fitzgerald Kennedy is born;
1937 Guglielmo Marconi, Italian inventor of radio, dies (Nobel Award for Physics in 1909);
1937 Cinecittà, Italian ‘Dream Factory’, the Hollywood on the Tiber river, is founded;
1957 on March 25, the Rome Treaties are signed, virtually creating the born of the European Union; first Treaty establishes Economic European Community, the second the Atomic Energy European Community (Euratom);
1957 Umberto Saba, important Italian poet, dies (‘Canzoniere’);
1967 John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’s ‘the Hobbit’ is published; in 2017 there also is the 40th anniversary of the ‘Silmarillion’ publishing;
1967 don Milani, an Italian priest who spent his life in teaching and in promoting education for poor people, dies;
1967 Che Guevara, one of the most important people in South American history and revolutionary movements, dies, killed in Bolivia;
1967 René François Ghislain Magritte, surrealistic painter, dies (‘Le trahison des images’ -> ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’);
1992 25 years ago, on May 23, Giovanni Falcone, an Italian judge involved in the fight against mafia, is killed in an attempted assassination, together with his wife, Francesca Morvillo, and three of his body guards;
1992 on July 19, Giovanni Borsellino, another Italian judge who fought mafia, Falcone’s friend and colleague, is killed in another attempted assassination.
1997 lady Diana and Gianni Versace die (respectively, on August 31 and July 15)

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