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Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ was my most recent vision, to save an Easter that ran the risk to pass without anything of special.
My opinion is that it is not by fault of SuperCavill, BatAffleck and WonderGadot if some people found difficulties in appreciating the film, in its meaning and structure.
A little fragile, maybe, the reason Superman must be hated for (just the accident? Luthor’s stratagems?).
A little difficult to follow, throughout the plot, the most important reading-key of the film, the continuous interchange between Heaven and Hell, God and Evil. (A Lex Luthor’s sentence sounds powerful, indeed: “You know the oldest lie in America, senator? It’s that power can be innocent”).
Many greeting to all. Of course, the world hope for a Superman’s “Resurrection”. And, please, Ben, come back to smile! 
PS: What Zack Snyder actually said is that the wanted Superman’s sacrifice and death, in order that Batman could be the one who choose the members of the Justice League.

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