best wishes!

My friends,

I would like to give you

my traditional message

for nicest holidays and happy new year!

2009, this difficult year, is going to end

although my feeling is that it be spent in a particularly fast.

I do not think, however,

that time is collapsing.

In my personal opinion,

the interpretation of the Mayan calendar

as an apocalyptic prophecy is a mistake.

2010’Eve will be not the third-last New year’s Eve of the story.

December 21, 2012 will mark, on the opposite,

the beginning of a new era,

harbinger of peace and progress!

New discoveries will be made,

New frontiers will be overcome

new achievements obtained,

for the good of humanity and the whole world!

Even if it is the end of the world to come closer

Final Judgement is not to be feared

because God sees the heart

and knows how to reward according to merit.

Best wishes, then. Greetings from the heart, everyone!

Wishes to my old and new friends,

those known personally and those encountered professionally,

those I meet on the street and those I meet on the Internet

those you speak directly to

and those who take advantage of some intermediaries.

May 2010 to give everyone

the right key

to realize the dreams!

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