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Big Fish & Begonia

“Human beings are from the sea, that’s why their tears are salty”

“What proofs are we willing to face for those we love?”

from the movie

In a parallel world, in which the sky is formed by our oceans, some people with magical powers manage our weather, tides, clouds and seasons. At the age of 16, in the shape of red dolphins, they have to get out of their dimension for a week. By chance, the fate of a human being meets the one of a red dolphin, and magic takes off.
It is virtually impossible to create a label for Xuan Liang & Chun Zhang ‘Big Fish & Begonia’, the authors themselves speak of different reading levels. A history of life, death and rebirth, a plot of love sacrifices made from mystical creatures in a mystical world, derivated from the Chinese tradition (the classic Taoist ‘Zuangzi’, the ‘Classic of the mountains and Seas’, and Gan Bao’s ‘In search of the supernatural: The Written Record’), epic visions and a spiritual approach.
In a Miyazaki style, twelve years of work and a courageous crowd funding, a masterpiece of handmade drawings, animation in 2 D and CGI, and a decidedly important step for Chinese cinema. And the sequel is already in the design stage …

Big Fish & Begonia

Big Fish & Begonia

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