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compleanno 2014

Based on /sulle note di Quem Pastores laudavere

Original song seems to derive from a carol melody found by R. R. Terry in a MS dated 1410, at Hohenfurth Abbey, Germany, where it is set to Latin words Quem pastores laudavere… Quem pastores was printed in a number of 16th and 17th century song and psalm books, both Protestant and Roman Catholic, and became very popular in Germany.

This one is a reworking for Pasquale Curatola’s birthday.

Quem actores laudavere
quibus angeli dixere,
absit vobis iam timere
natus est paschalis.

Ad quem puffi ambulabant
et puffbaccas ei portabant
immolabant haec sincere
nato regi gloriae.

Exultemus cum magia
In isto die in philosophia
Natum promat voce pia
Laus honor et gloria.

pasquy regi, HODIE nato
ad fatum bonum nobis dato
magno saluto sit illo vere
laus, honor et gloria.

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