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desalination to obtain drinkable water

In a previous post, I dealt with desalination as an interesting way to fight drought and water resources scarceness, already in use, e.g., in Australia, where desertification is going on.
It is now wonderful to hear of a no profit organization, GivePower, that managed to obtain drinkable water from the Ocean, for the Kenyan people! It is calculated (by Unicef) that 2 billions of people in the world do not have access to the drinkable water, neither to drink, nor for washing nor to cook; the Kenyan village of Kiunga, the one we are speaking of, is in a particularly arid zone, and people needed to walk for an hour to reach the first usable well.
GivePower saved the situation and, what is wonderful, by using a solar-powered plant!
This is the path to walk on, and we hope other such initiatives will be up as soon as possible. Fine as well, could the water taken from the oceans be used to help to extinguish fires, such as the ones in Amazon, Siberia or Alaska.

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