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Disney latest magics

Remi, star of “Ratatouille”, has represented for me not only a mouse, but someone able to realize his dreams. He went to Paris, getting out of his provincial environment, and managed to become an estimated professional in the field he had always dreamed to work for.

Remi is the real star of the film, the most characterized . He is not, as someone could think, only an evolution of the “kurosuke” of japanese tradition. He helps the human star (Linguini) to get out of troubles, and all the story works around him.

Now, I  am looking forward to see “Enchanted”, last Disney magic (in Italy it is arriving now, even it has already been presented in October, at Rome Cinema Festival).

Ratatouille is astonishing for technical perfection and the wonderful story, what Enchanted (in Italy “Come d’incanto“) is going to offer?

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