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Earth Hour 2019 : how to take a part

Earth Hour 2019

Earth Hour 2019 – Click on the picture for more…

Switch – off a part, please daily remember:
1. Buy A – Class appliances, preferring LED bulbs and using light only when necessary makes it possible to reduce the waste of electricity.
2. Do not let the tap water run and always use a fully loaded washing machine and dishwasher to safeguard a fundamental resource for the Planet.
3. Walking or using a bicycle to go to work improves one’s health and at the same time reduces the emission of fossil fuels.
4. Moderate the consumption of red meat from intensive farms that have a strong impact on the environment through CO2 emissions.
5. Dedicate yourself to recycling: recycling as much as possible is one of the most common warnings to avoid waste.
6. Make a smart shopping by using canvas bags to avoid the waste of plastic waste that could end up in waterways and seas.
7. Reducing the consumption of paper by printing documents only if strictly necessary makes it possible to contain emissions and safeguard forests.
8. Buying seasonal products avoids the emission of large quantities of carbon dioxide caused by greenhouse crops.
9. Monitor the heating and thermal insulation of your home to avoid the spread of further fine particles.
10. Prefer organic clothing: natural fiber clothes are biodegradable, recyclable and environmentally sustainable.
Please note too

that, as for Italy, the switch-off will start from Matera, 2019 Capital of the Culture.

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