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Earthquakes in Italy, how to help

Update: number for SMS is active back. Please, call 45500 or send an SMS from Italy at the cost of 2€. The collected funds will be transferred by the operators, without any mark, to the Civil Protection Department that will allocate to the regions affected by the earthquake. (⇐

Another earthquake in Italy, in the city of Norcia, which seems related to the same phaenomena already happened these months.
It is possible to help people affected by the August 24 and the more recent earthquakes. ‘Corriere della Sera’ and TgLa7, e.g. organized ‘Un aiuto subito- Terremoto Centro Italia 6.0’:
• Money transfer on the current account 1000 / 145551 at ‘Banca Prossima’, made out to «Un aiuto subito – Terremoto Centro Italia 6.0».
• IBAN code for donations from Italy is IT17 E033 5901 6001 0000 0145 551
• IBAN code for donations from abroad is IT17E033 5901 6001 0000 0145 551 BIC BCITITMX.
• For doing it simpler, it is possible to use the ‘great beneficiary code’: it is to put the code 9707 in the field ‘beneficiary’ and the form will be automatically filled. ‘Banca Prossima’ will be not applying any commission.
• It is also possible to use the Tim platform, also using a credit card.


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