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to Liam Hemsworth with love

Dear Liam,

why don’t you come to Italy, for spending a month of carefree, visiting the beauties of our country?
In Italy there are many people who love you, who would welcome you with open arms and who would greet with enthusiasm your arrival and your stay! You could visit Rome, Florence, Naples, Venice, Genoa, Reggio Calabria, Trieste, Padua, Turin, Bologna, Siena, Cremona, Vicenza, Palermo, Bari, Lecce, Milan, Capri, Ischia, Verona, etcetera etcetera etc.
Everywhere, you would be welcomed with love!

visit Italy, official website

PS: please consider to involve your bros. Chris and Luke! And their families…
Update on July 21: should you decide to come alone, it would be fine as well

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