MCU, DC, Disney: how many Hercules?

Few ones who are yet to watch ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ apart, last callypigous Chris Hemsworth‘s fatigue seems to reveal something about the future. No spoiler, of course, but in the post-credit scene, it comes that Hercules and Zeus speak each other. What is intended for? Will be Hercules the new antagonist of Thor?
The entire blogosphere, and web in general, are actually wondering about, and the director Taika Waititi, interviewed about that, answered he too does not know anything on Kevin Freige (Marvel Studios president and creative director) intentions. In the MCU Hercules actually exists, and appears as a quite interesting character to deal with.
So, what? Problems are the following:

(as already mentioned) will be Hercules the new antagonist of Thor?
what about the other Hercules, who lives in the DC Universe (and is to be related to the Wonder Woman saga)
and what about Disney’s live action ‘Hercules’, directed by Guy Ritchie, currently talked about, and going to be released next years? Too many Hercules?
If so, as far as your favorite blogger is concerned there would be no problems: he has always had sympathy for the unfortunate son of Zeus, god of physical and moral strength, welcomed into Heaven after countless vicissitudes and adventures…

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