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Smile everybody! but…

A good smile is fundamental. If your teeth are not perfectly in order, clean and in good health, it means you are not as fine as you should. (And my dental hygienist always tells me so, spite of being aware of my wonderful smile).
This approach, more widespread in the United States and Anglophone countries than in the Latin world, especially reveals the best of its importance in mass media, adverting, cinema and television: good health a part, a nice smile makes the people glad to hear you and likely to trust you. According to the rumors and the gossip, some actors and actresses came to the surgery to make better what Mother Nature had not foreseen perfect.
Just a question: everybody remembers Christopher Reeve (RIP) in the crucial scene of ‘Superman’ in which he had lost his fiancée Lois. He opened his mouth, with a totally white color such very few actually are in nature. Is it not too much? A too perfect perfection is really fine for a dramatic scene? Superman must be Superman, of course but… what if his teeth were a little little little less shining?
Now a poll, to ask your opinion:

for a dramatic scene, must a smile be as white as in another situation?

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  1. Now realizing… Was that scene a quotation from Victor Hugo’s ‘l’Homme qui rit‘? Who knows…

    08/05/2017 at 15:06

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