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interstellar: science and feelings

‘Idealism is higher than realism’


Interstellar’ is a perfect amalgam between Reason and Feeling’

Someone else.

 Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ came into my life last week, making me move through visionary landscapes, futuristic perspectives, the power of feelings and the different shades of human soul.

That film has something of ‘2001 – A Space Odissey’, something of ‘Ghost’, ‘Stargate’, and some pictures by Escher, if I may. Some cartoons too, perhaps, who can say…

Such a combination actually deserves to be appreciated, according to my personal opinion.

However, someone critiqued ‘Interstellar’ because some of the scientific data that seem taken for granted by the screenplay are not as sure as you could assume from the film. And my professor of Sciences, if I remember well since the time of high school, criticized ‘Jurassic Park’, by saying it was not scientific based, given the impossibility that the DNA of a dinosaur could stay in the blood of a mosquito blocked in an amber drop for millions of years. (On the opposite, we are now aware it is actually possible).

What does it mean? Are some people aware that Art is Art and Science is Science?

The goal of some films are the values and the teachings they want to transmit to their audience, and it is obvious that a banal strictly oriented mentality could reveal something unusual.

Just for say, why to move to a parallel universe before trying to resolve the problems of the Earth? Christopher Nolan and his staff would not have any difficulty to answer. They wanted to make us reflect on the perspective we run the risk to get if we keep current mentality of pollution and exploitation of natural resources, in terms of health and life quality. Of course, it is not possible to do anything else. (To be honest, some toxic clouds and dust storms in the film seem almost divine punishments, as in the Apocalypse; however, I hope to have crystal expressed what I want to mean).

Cinema is a free art. However, who says that ‘Interstellar’ is made for the 50% of science and the 50% of hearth is right.

(What about that 60% of humour? Just for the robot?)

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