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Little Einsteins

I go crazy for Little Einsteins. They are four little genius, very talented in music, art, geography, and a lot of other subjects. They have a personal spaceship, Rocket, which works thanks to the music.

Team leader is Leo, really skilled in music direction and spaceship driving. More, there is his sister Annie, who invents songs in base of the problem, Quincy, who plays every possible instrument, and June, who is very talented at dancing.   Two of them are white, one is black, one is Chinese.

In each episode of their cartoon, they have a mission, to help an animal, a friend, even an unanimated thing, to get out of its problem. Their wonderful world is full of classical music, art, nature and real life experiences.

But Little Einsteins also need your help.

And you can take a part in the mission, by following the rhythm of the moment…

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