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Planes: what about?

Planes is a pleasant film, without any doubt. One has said it is a spin off, entirely taken by Cars and just moved into the sky and the world of planes rather than auto routes. It is not true: a spin off actually is when the characters (not the protagonists) already were in the previous film and the second one continues in telling their stories.

Planes can seem a sort of reboot, perhaps, cause he actualises the same story of Cars and Turbo and, I admit, moves it in the real story of an agricultural plane born to do something different from what he seemed destined for.

Dusty Crophopper, the star of this film, of course a visionary, is nice and generous; he manages to do his work and to help friends in difficulties, such as the English one that runs the risk to precipitate or the Mexican named “El Chupacabra”  having a 5 evidently put on its rudder (or vertical stabilizer?) that has some pr oblem with love.

Hmm … cars, snails, airplanes … what will be the next level?Wink


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