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tarantino’s jewels…

Quentin Tarantino’s “the Hateful Eight’ is mainly based on the search of the Truth. And the Truth has a price.
Those ones who love the Truth are perfectly aware of the risks they run and the ancients used to swear on their genitals.
In Latin the word TESTIS, -IS meant at least two different things: witness and testicle, as well as in Old Greek, with the word ὅρκος (pron. horkos, “oath”), which was at the origin of the verb ὁρκόω (pron horkòo, “to swear”) and of the current English word “orchitis” (an illness).
High school professor of Latin acted as if not aware of but, when a character of the Plautus’ play ‘Miles Gloriosus’ used the word “testis”, he meant more than “witness”…

This must be the reason for the chap who mainly loves the Truth in Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’ is hit from the downstairs and runs the risk to lose his family “jewels”…
The other people of the film do not run the same risk, they fluctuate between different approaches to the Truth, the Legality, the Convenience. And lose even more.
Many greetings…

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