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Lucifer and… another devil…

Is Lucifer gay or straight? In Italy (and in France) we use to say ‘arguing about the sex of the angels’ when speaking of something that has not practical consequences and in which it is virtually impossible to come to a conclusion. (In English we could say ‘how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?’).
What about the sex of the Fallen Angels, e.g. Lucifer?
We could suppose, almost to take for granted, Lucifer is straight, with no signal of any kind of weakeness… (Spite of some cultural traditions in which he is presented bisexual, or something).
Well, while in the third season of the TV series ‘Lucifer’, (FOX in the United States, Mediaset in Italy), the Devil will have to act as married with Pierce, a character played by Tom Welling, because of a strange case they have to investigate. The title of the episode will be ‘Till Death Do Us Part’, and will be broadcast in America on January 29.
The strange couple will be working for a little time, however…

Lucifer and Pierce married

Lucifer and Pierce married?


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