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Stargate and Interstellar actually

According to recent scientific discoveries, those people critic toward films such as ‘Interstellar’ or ‘Stargate’ will have a reason more to take into consideration the opportunity to change mind. Many discoveries demonstrated the possibility of the wormholes, sort of bridges thanks to which it would be possible to move from a part to another in the universe; the most recent one, done in Italy, described on the website ArXiv and going to be published on the International Journal of Modern Physics D, revealed the possibility to create real wormholes in a laboratory. As for now, it is possible for particles only but, who knows, in the future…
A ‘Stargate’ has always been the hidden dream of some astronomers, e.g. Margherita Hack, troubled for the distances between stars and planets, impossible for human technologies. The entire Universe could be imagined as an enormous network, in which to browse and to move around as easy as in a calm country town! The recently-found planets, just 39 light years from us, seem likely to guest forms of life! And many others as well!
And, as for ‘Interstellar’, also due the alternative and darker final revealed by Christopher Nolan, some people also hypothesize a sequel.

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