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Cannes de Spielberg

Next Cannes Film Festival will be held since May 15 to May 26 and Steven Spielberg will be the President of the jury;

he has commented:

“”My first memory of Cannes dates back almost 31 years ago with the debut of ET, and is still one of the most intense of my career. For over 60 years, Cannes has been the launching pad to make known to the whole world of extraordinary films. For me it ‘s a great honor and a privilege preside over the jury of a festival that never ceases to witness unequivocally that Cinema is the language of the world”

In Cannes, Steven Spielberg won the award for best screenplay ‘Sugarland Express’ (1974), presented out of competition ‘The Color Purple’ (1986) and projected the world premiere of  ‘ET’ (1982).

Last year that role was assigned to the Italian director Nanni Moretti.

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