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Zaki, Giulio… and the street art

Egyptian student Patrick Zaky works at the rights group as a gender and human rights researcher, and he is attending a master’s degree in gender studies at the University of Bologna, in Italy. He is currently held in Egypt, he has been tortured, and the entire international community must be aware of the situation, in order that Zaki could get back to the freedom as soon as possible.

A mural by street artist Laika appeared some days ago near to the Egyptian embassy in Rome, showing student Patrick Zaky being comforted by Giulio Regeni, the Italian murdered in Egypt in 2016:

laika's street art on Zaki and Regeni 1

                           (Laika’s authorization granted; in the balloon: ‘this time everything will go fine’)

The mural was cleared, and Laika made another one,
in which a weird silhouette seems going to erase it once again…

laika's street art on zaki e regeni 2

                                                                                   (Laika’s authorization granted)

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