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Ant – Man

“Sometimes in the life it is necessary to become smaller to be bigger”

Pasquale Curatola (me)

Peyton Reed’s ‘Ant – Man’ is of course drawn from the original Marvel character in comics but I would dare to hypothesize a possible mythological origin too: since Achilles was the king of the Myrmidons*, and given Mirmidons were the men created by Zeus from the ants, could be that the real inspiration? Quite a visionary hypothesis: were Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, authors of the first original comic, interested in Greek mythology? Given the number of Stan Lee heroes taken from Greek and German Myths (Ares, Athena, Dionysus, Loki, Thor, Zeus), the possibility seems more than probable… (* please check it in Homer’s Iliad)

Ant – Man‘, the film, was my main activity last night and I really enjoyed it. Big special effects, wonderful animation, nice story. A father must regain his daughter’s estimation and manages to do it, becoming the hero his little Cassie already thinks he is. And what of the ants? Hymenoptera among the most industrious, they are an invincible army, able to do everything in a truly reliable manner and, when (Ant)hony is killed during the conflict, it is almost like when Greek warrior Patroclus was defeated. And what about the foot Scott must correctly put on the floor once awaken? Achilles was the ‘swift-footed’ (“πόδας ὠκὺς”), wasn’t he?



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