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Shakespeare bisex, Berlinale genderless, other devils

  • Happy birthday, sir Sean Connery!
  • The international Berlin Film Festival since now will be genderless: the awards for best actor and best actress will be abolished and replaced with best lead role and best supporting role. It is the first time in a festival. The next Berlinale will be held since 11 to 21 February 2021, within special security measures. Films will be registered for the festival since the 1st of September. 
  • William Shakespeare actually was bisexual. At least in accordance with two English scholars, Stanley Wells and Paul Edmondson, who carefully examined the 154 sonnets written by the playwright. It is not a particularly shocking piece of information, it is to be found even in literary manuals. It was already known that 126 of the poems were addressed to the ‘Fair Youth’, the handsome young man, and only the last 28 to a woman, known as the ‘Dark Lady’. Many argue that the Sonnets are not really dedicated to someone but are a literary work for its own sake. Others believe that the ‘Fair Youth’ was Shakespeare himself, mad in his infinite and confessed vanity. Others recall that in the Renaissance male friendship was expressed with expressions of affection, bed-sharing and declarations of love that we now associate with sexual relationships. The whole LGBT community now hopes for a film in which Shakespeare’s bisexuality could be told explicitly, although something could already have been glimpsed in previous works. In our own small way, we would like to mention the beautiful friendship of Antonio and Bassanio in the ‘Merchant of Venice’…
  • Pupi and Antonio Avati, director and producer respectively, are also at the Bif&st to talk about their latest film, ‘il Signor Diavolo’ (‘Mr.Devil’), which we have seen, always in our own small way, as soon as released in theaters. For the film, the two professionals received the “Tonino Guerra Award” for the best original story. Speaking of future projects, Pupi Avati told Ansa (more…)


I maestri Pupi e Antonio Avati sono intervenuti alla presentazione ufficiale del film “Con rabbia e con sapere”, di Demetrio Casile, tenutasi all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Reggio Calabria.
Pupi Avati si è detto commosso per la bellezza della storia e ha affermato che è molto bello esista ancora
“una Calabria capace di sognare”.

Reggio Calabria Film Fest 2007

è in pieno svolgimento il

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