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season greetings and… a magic flying carpet!

Based /on the same tune of ‘A Whole New World’,
song by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga
from the album ‘Aladdin: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack’
Label Walt Disney, Composer Alan Menken, Lyricist Tim Rice, Producer(s) Alan Menken, Tim Rice

Every year, as you know,
my Good Star makes me inspired,
filled with noble spirit
and creativity…

Every year, as you know,
I’m used at season greetings
by composing special lyrics
or making parodies…

And a whole world
like the one you’re dreaming of,
now it rises and, by shining, (more…)

Hark! The Pasqual’s Angels sing!


(based on Hark! The herald Angels sing!, by Charles Wesley)

Hark! The Pasqual’s angels sing

Pasqual now is your new king!”

Shows and news and mercy mild,

alsoSinners’, just for SKY!

Nice background and good tidings,

how many are his skills?

What a truth in this proclaim,

Pasqual’s in any TV claim!

Hark! The Pasqual’s angels sing

Pasqual now is your new king!”

 All the stars for him arise

saying hello to a man so nice!

For a great Fate indeed he’s come

and 2013 will have some!

Bald but sexy really is he,

hansome and fine, of errors free!

Everybody sing with me:

Pasqual is a genius isn’t he?

Hark! The Pasqual’s angels sing

Pasqual now is (y)our new king!”

 Have a Christmas, my dear friend

like it is in your best dreams!

Light and life Pasqual brings

with creativity in his wings!

Mild he lays his glory by

so that banality may die!

Follow him and your gift,

as a Phoenix, will be a rebirth!

Hark! The Pasqual’s Angels sing:

Pasqual now is (y)our new king!”


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