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1000 of these birthdays, Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse in gold

“I hope we never lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse”

Walt Disney

Mickey Mouse in gold

little golden statue given in Italy as a gadget, within the Mickey Mouse magazine

It was on November 18, 1928 that Mickey Mouse did his first appearance in Cinema*, and it is virtually impossible to entirely list his adventures in comics, Television, and any other Media.
Happy birthday, then, Mickey Mouse, and (more…)

Disney: finding Dory, awaiting the Jungle Book, glancing TV upfronts and Frozen 2

Update on April 13: today, at 11.30, Disney’s ‘the Jungle Book’ inaugurates the very special Cinema installed at the “Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli” hospital, in Rome; it is the “Medicinema” project, which allows patients to see a movie at the hospital even if in bed or in a wheelchair.
2016 is a very important year for Disney films. ‘Finding Nemo’ sequel, ‘Finding Dory’, is scheduled for being released in U.S. on June 17. (It is a Friday 17. Please take me as a lucky charm). ‘Finding Dory’ will be based on that pretty fish who helped Nemo’s father in finding his little one, sure to be able, e.g., to imitate the arcane language of the whales; as everyone remembers, she suffers of amnesia and is not able to remember things for enough time. This must be the reason for she will get in troubles… An “Octopus/Sectopus” a part…

The film, a Disney – Pixar co-production, produced by the Oscar-awarded John Lasseter and directed by the Oscar-awarded Andrew Stanton, will be dealing with ecology, as well as it happens in many Disney’s movies.
As for TV, traditional upfronts partially took place, for cable channels at least. Freeform, a Disney/ABC television, revealed (more…)

Mickey Mouse forever

Mickey Mouse, in Italy Topolino, will return next summer on the small screen and on the web in an animated short of 3 minutes that will be called ‘Croissant de Triomphe‘. The rodent born from the imagination of Walt Disney (who seems he had a particular liking for these mammals) will play the noble task of bringing croissants to the Minnie’s coffee bar, doing gymkhana in the streets and traffic in Paris.
It will be the first, a sort of pilot of a series of nineteen episodes, also set in cities other than Paris, such as Beijing, Tokyo, Venice and New York. The direction will be entrusted to Paul Rudish, winner of an Emmy and father of products such as ‘The Powerpuff Girls‘ and ‘Dexter’s Laboratory‘. Neither will be missing of surprises and guest stars! It is already planned, in fact,  that some other characters of Disney world will peep in the story, among them – company let slip we know it  – “a very popular girl”…

As for style, it seems that behind the project there has been a philological effort  to reconstruct in 2D the historical Mickey Mouse, who had large eyes blacks without pupil, with painted backgrounds according to a taste of the 50s and 60s.

Mickey Mouse, detto Topolino* tornerà la prossima estate sul piccolo schermo e sul web in un corto d’animazione di 3 minuti che s’intitolerà ‘Croissant de Triomphe’; il roditore nato dalla fantasia di Walt Disney (che pare avesse una particolare simpatia per tali mammiferi) svolgerà la nobile mansione di portare cornetti caldi al caffè di Minnie, facendo gimkana in mezzo alle strade e al traffico di Parigi.

Sarà il primo, una sorta di pilot, di una serie di diciannove episodi, ambientati anche in città diverse da Parigi, come Pechino, Tokyo, Venezia e New York; la direzione sarà affidata a Paul Rudish, già vincitore di un Emmy e padre di prodotti quali ‘Le superchicche’ e ‘Il laboratorio di Dexter’. Né mancheranno le sorprese e le guest star! È già previsto, infatti, che altri personaggi del mondo Disney facciano capolino nelle vicende, tra cui, si lasciano scappare dalla casa, “una fanciulla molto amata”

Quanto allo stile, sembra che alla base del progetto ci sia stato uno sforzo filologico, quello di ricostruire in 2D il Topolino storico, quello che aveva grandi occhi neri senza pupilla, con fondali disegnati secondo un gusto da anni ’50 e ’60.

 *Chi ha dimenticato la leggendaria canzoncina

Come noi bambini tu sei tanto piccolin,

Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse, detto Topolin”?

 mickey mouse Croissant de Tryomphe  mickey mouse Croissant de Tryomphe 2


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