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thank you all, blue ones! (and volley in general…)

The Italian* women’s volleyball team at the world championships have been fantastic, and we mainly want to thank them all for keeping our flag high.
We also want to take the opportunity for speaking of volley in general. A quite ancient one, volleyball is quoted even in Homer, in the point of Odyssey in which Nausicaa, princess of the Phaeacians, enjoyed this sport with her maids, waiting for the laundry to dry.
We also know from the history that volley, or something strictly similar, was played everyday, as evident from mosaics and paintings, in the form of the trigon.
As for television, the matches recently broadcasted in Italy by the public television company got good results, in terms of audience and approval rating.
According to our personal opinion, volley is more elegant than many other sports, and should be considered as interesting as the others.
If possible, a little more…

*and please consider they all are Italians, but their skins are of different colours…

trigon, ancient version of volleyball

trigon, ancient version of volleyball

Roman mosaic with volleyball players in bikini

Roman mosaic with volleyball players in bikini


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