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The Good Dinosaur

Dinosaurs are not extinct, as evident from Cinema and many other human activities. Although extinguished according to biology, their adventures still go on and get success in many different forms, as demonstrated by Spielberg pictures dedicated to the Jurassic World (I know an 8 years old child who knows everything on those nice and incredible creatures, kids go crazy for).
Arlo, e.g., is the next dinosaur going to get theatres and human imagination; in his world dinosaurs are not extinct in the more actual meaning and live nearby human beings (which is quite incorrect according to the sciences but things, in cinema, work in a different, more visionary, way).
He is an Apatosaurus and also is the star of ‘The Good Dinosaurs’, a Pixar Animation – Walt Disney Pictures production which will be released in Italy and in America the same day, November 25; the most acute people could have already glimpsed him during the presentation of ‘Up!’ when, in the promotional trailer, four sculptures of dinosaurs and two of a teenager appeared. ‘The Good Dinosaur’ was directed in a first moment by Bob Peterson, also author of story, then by Peter Sohn.
Arlo’s father dies early and he moves around the world till he meets a young (of course prehistoric) men who’s called Spot. Their friendship starts like that and will continue for long, through nice adventures and resolvable mishaps…

Arlo, The Good Dinosaur

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