to Guy Ritchie with love

Update on January 18, 2024: according to Daniel RPK, and some other sources, live-action Hercules will be not directed by Guy Ritchie, whose agenda is actually too full to deal with such an ambitious project.
Dear Guy Ritchie,
almost nothing is known as for your ‘Hercules’ in live action, going to be directed by you and produced by the Russo brothers.
The cast is actually rumoured, of course, and a lot of notable actors and actresses are caught up in people’s speculation.
My humble request is:

Should Danny De Vito refuse the role of Philoctetes (Phil to his friends) for some unforeseen, urgent reasons, could you please consider some “Pasquale Curatola” at his place?
It’s me, you know, a little thinner, taller and better looking than a satyr really needs but… in Hollywood makeup works magic…
(And what about Zeus? or Hades?)

Very sincerely,

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