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Tarzan according to David Yates

Who are the real wild ones in ‘the Legend of Tarzan’? And, more in general, on the entire planet?
The most interesting reading key of David Yates’ film dedicated to the king of the jungle seems evident: how can the so-called “civilization” be based on greed and involve the exploitation of the nature, the enslaving of free human beings, killing, and other kinds of violence?
We have one planet, and just this one, and nothing can be taken for granted, and nothing taken for not possible to happen. (Leonardo DiCaprio spoke almost like that at the Oscars)
Unfortunately Tarzan, the character originally created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, does not exist in the real world, and it is to us to defend environment, nature, living beings and the future of the Earth!
As for the technical issues, ‘the legend of Tarzan’ is a well-done film, spite of a plot sometimes easy to guess, some clichés, a strange chap under the rain… and a possible proportion that someone could maliciously imagine:

Leonardo DiCaprio : Bear = Alexander Skarsgård : Gorilla

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