about Pasquale (ENG)

Pasquale Curatola is graduated in Advertising studies and International Communication, and also holds some Master degrees on Marketing & Brand Communication, Film & TV management, Animated Films management.
Studied as well Acting, and took part in some acting workshops.
As a manager, his 1st professional experience remounts to 1999 (Carat) but he likes to start by telling of a letter he wrote 14 years old to Mediaset, giving his “advices” on strategies and schedules.
In 2003 he gets into Cinecittà Entertainment, a company strictly related to Cinecittà Studios, Italian Dreams Factory, where he takes a part in the realization of some events and shows broadcasted by SKY Italia  and other channels: Sinners, Non aprite quella porta, Sulle rotte del cinema.
In 2006 he deals with ‘Santa Caterina’, an animation short created by Mondo TV as a project work, and takes a part in the organization of I castelli animati and in the start-up of La città dell’animazione.
In 2006 he also starts his activity as a blogger (Pasquale Curatola’s Blog) and as a writer (attività letteraria).
He also managed some collaborations with news and live shows of private channels, and interesting experiences in PR, for clients such as AC Milan, Bank of New York, Orange Business Services.
He is a blood and organ donor.

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