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the spiritual hands of the doctor Strange

‘Doctor Strange’, starred by Benedict Cumberbatch and directed by Scott Derrickson, is released in American theatres on November 4th. (A premiere in Los Angeles took place on October 26; being Italian, the author of this post has already seen it, and appreciated how the doctor used his hands.)
Even if it is a fantasy and a comic-based story, the film of the curious case of the Doctor Strange has something terribly profound to propose. One of the most interesting suggestions it invites us to think of is the difference between official science and a different approach to the Nature and to the secrets of the universe, human being included. ‘Doctor Strange’ does not come to teach us the right approach to the holistic medicine or to the esoteric way for self-recovering from an illness, also because the lion part of the story is based on a Marvel-oriented magic. However, it deals with the spiritual dimension of our being, our astral body, the magic ‘multiverse’ in which Time is not time and Matter is not matter, as for we know.
As for the blogger you are currently reading, he remembers he met a doctor, once, who told him that the of modern western Medicine official approach still suffers of a too sectorial mentality, according with the different parts and functions of the human body run the risk to be considered as separately working, in a fully materialistic attitude; a more illuminated approach would invite us to consider an organism as a unique system, in which anything is related, and, what the prestigious neurosurgeon Stephen Strange mainly discovers throughout his adventure is that, official medicine a part, some new ways can be discovered and evaluated. Benedict Cumberbatch too, affirms he is quite involved in mysticism; he taught English in a Tibetan sanctuary in India and learnt a lot in change.
How much magic, then, exactly came to the hands of doctor Strange? Please, watch the film, if you did not yet, and try to imagine…
PS: Looking forward the next adventure, together with the Avengers…

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