Saint Seiya – Soul of Gold/ the Ending

Saint Seiya -Soul of Gold’ last episode was released in Italy on September 26 and the ending was sublime.

The twelve Gold Saints were called in Asgard to fight against Loki, the evil god of German mythology and managed to do it thanks to the divine cloths, Athena’s assistance and, what is sublime,

the pure feelings of human beings and of the nature.

All the knights did their job but Leo’s Aioria was quite the star and the entire ‘Soul of Gold’ saga could seem a sort of his ἀριστεία*.

Cloths had been never as wonderful as in this series, also considered they become divine at the contact of Athena’s blood, directly sent by the Hades.

Cloths of this anime have always been one of my weaknesses and their particular splendor in this series gave me the inspiration to create a photomontage in which the twelve divine cloths are all represented:

Saint Seiya - Soul of Gold

Many greetings and thanks, Kurumada’s staff!

* ἀριστεία (pron. aristéia or aristía, depending on erasmian or reuchlinian) means a narrative block focused on a specific hero, in order to enhance his capabilities and values.

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