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Mary Magdalene

I started to study Mary Magdalene a few years ago. I would like to reason with you about. Gospel according to Saint Philip, found by case in the dust of the desert, contains some passes where Jesus & Mary look companions, where Jesus kissed her on the mouth, and the others disciples were envious of her. 

Somebody say that Gospel according to saint Philip is not reliable, but I found in the Acts of the apostles, those written by saint Luke, everyone of us can verify, the following pass:

                                                      “Moved away, the next day we came to Caesarea and, come into Evangelist Philip,

who was one of the Seven, stayed  there”

(Act, 21, 8)

We must suppose that Gospel according to saint Philip found in Ben Hammadi be a precise copy of the lost Greek version. I read some passes of that Gospel, sometime is hard to understand and to interpret.

Somebody say that, if people called Jesus Rabbi, it means he was married, because in Jewish tradition we can call Rabbi only a married man.

Others suppose that Jesus could be called Rabbi even not married, because  he belonged to the schism of Essens.

Mary Magdalene tradition is very old and in Occidental culture there is a lot of testimonies. What about Proust’s madeleines or the pseudonym of Jean Valjean in Hugo’s novel ‘The Miserables’?  What about Disney symbols? A part Mermaid Ariel looking at a particular paint, I discovered that there is a five petals rose in the comb of Mulan, in the 2nd episode of the saga!

What do you think about?


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