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Batman the Light

Batman is our favourite superhero.
He does not have supernatural powers but he uses intelligence, courage, physical resources and technology.
In our humble opinion, it is not a banality, just considering that being a superhero is much simpler in the measure in which, for example, one can fly, shoot laser beams from the eyes or be physically indestructible.
(Do not get us wrong, please, others superheroes’ values and honesty are out of discussion…)
May 2019 marks Batman’s 80th anniversary; however, our will is not to descend into the folds of history.
Let us others summarize  the genesis of this fascinating character!
It will be enough to remember that, as for cinema, our preferred Batman is that one of Christopher Nolan, who transforms his fears into strengths. As for Cartoons, Warner Bros. TV series.
And that the Joker may have been inspired
by the ‘Man who laughs
just on a merely iconic level.
Merely iconic.

Batman the Light

Batman the Light

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