an… Ocean of wishes!

Based on/ on the same tune of ‘How far will I go’,
written by Lin –Manuel Miranda and originally performed by Alessia Cara

Walt Disney Records – Album Moana (Original Disney’s ‘Oceania’ Soundtrack)

[Verse 1]
This time is a very special period
in which your soul is enlightened at all.
This time is a very magic period
in which the dreams of your heart take off and go!
[Refrain 1]
And if I realize how many seeds
I spread throughout my entire life
I am almost sure they will grow up
by ad by…
[Chorus 1]
Next year will bring for us a surprise,
and I know that, of course I know that,
universe will work for us to realize it,
and I am sure on, I am so sure…
If I go there’s just no telling how far I’ll go!
[Verse 2]
Whatever faith you have the goal is the same,
to make a better world!
I want to create a better world
for you and me,
for the entire mankind!
[Refrain 2]
I want to have as many friends as stars
throughout the world, the world at all!
But the voice inside sings a different song
What is new with me?
[Chorus 2]
See the Comet shining in the sky this year? It’s blinding
but no one knows for whom it shines…
Our Fate, maybe, is written in the stars, so let’s watch them and try to know!

What’s beyond this time, will I cross that line?
[Chorus 3]
Maybe the Comet chose for us the date! And no one knows what for he does…
In 2019 our path could get somewhere we don’t know yet,

we yet don’t know
How far will we go…

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