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happy birthday, BBC!

To educate, inform, and entertain
Nation Shall Speak Unto Nation
Two BBC official mottos

One of the 2017 anniversaries is related to the BBC, ‘British Broadcasting Corporation’, the historical British agency for public Radio and Television. (UK people and tabloid often call it ‘auntie’, or ‘Beeb’; other public broadcasters in UK are Channel 4, S4C, Channels 3 and 5, but they are held by private companies). Officially considered one of the most authoritative Media Company in the world, BBC also manages BBC NEWS, a very important journalistic website in English and other languages. Only based on a license fee, BBC is definitively free of commercial issues; it gathers advertising only for BBC World and abroad channels. BBC publishes web content with a Creative Commons License.
According to BBC official history, it was founded on October 1922 as ‘British Broadcasting Company Ltd.’ by GPO (General Post Office) and six companies: Marconi Company, Radio Communication Company, Metropolitan- Vickers (Metrovcik), General Electric, Western Electric and British Thomson- Houston (BTH). First show was broadcasted on November 14, 1922. (According to other sources, the date should be moved at November 2).
After Second World War, during which broadcasting had been interrupted, the announcer Jasmine Bligh said:

‘Good afternoon! How are you? Do you remember of me? I am Jasmine Bligh!’

In Italy, the date of November 2 was also reminded in ‘Il giorno e la Storia’, on Rai Storia.

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