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the birthday torches

12 fires Saint Seiya
12 fires of the Sanctuary (Saint Seiya)


Someone believes that life begins at forty.

Waiting for verifying for himself,

hopes, the undersigned,

that the twelve torches turning on today,

to switch off in twelve months,

contextually to the important target,

burn as slow as possible.

He was assured the transition from 30 to 40 changes many things…

Qualcuno ritiene che la vita cominci a quarant’anni.

In attesa di verificarlo di persona, auspica, il sottoscritto,

che le dodici fiaccole che si accendono oggi e si spegneranno tra dodici mesi,

contestualmente all’importante traguardo,

ardano con la maggiore lentezza possibile…

Gli è stato assicurato che il passaggio dai trenta ai quaranta cambia molte cose…

compleanno 2014

Based on /sulle note di Quem Pastores laudavere

Original song seems to derive from a carol melody found by R. R. Terry in a MS dated 1410, at Hohenfurth Abbey, Germany, where it is set to Latin words Quem pastores laudavere… Quem pastores was printed in a number of 16th and 17th century song and psalm books, both Protestant and Roman Catholic, and became very popular in Germany.

This one is a reworking for Pasquale Curatola’s birthday.

Quem actores laudavere
quibus angeli dixere,
absit vobis iam timere
natus est paschalis.

Ad quem puffi ambulabant
et puffbaccas ei portabant
immolabant haec sincere
nato regi gloriae.

Exultemus cum magia
In isto die in philosophia
Natum promat voce pia
Laus honor et gloria.

pasquy regi, HODIE nato
ad fatum bonum nobis dato
magno saluto sit illo vere
laus, honor et gloria.

oh, Pasqual Day!

Oh, Pasqual Day!

based on Oh, Holy Night, by sir Adolphe Adam

 O Pasqual’s friends, the Sun’s already shining;

it is the day of the dear Pasqual birth!
As Pasqual’s friends, you surely must rejoice,

‘cause again he went to each of us!

A thrill of hope, thirty seven years,
are now since he appeared to light the world!

Shine with your hearts, you are the Pasqual’s friends!
O day divine, O day when Pasq was born!
O day, O Pasqual day, O day divine!

It was for sure a very special moment

when Pasqual came to the world!

In the hospital the doctors were awaiting,

before of them professionals were too!
Then he was born to save our television!

and we must know how to obey to him!

Dear Pasqual, now, prepares our future,

he knows what’s need, banality is to avoid.
Listen to him! Always follow his blog!

Listen to him! Always follow his blog!
Truly he taught how to create a schedule

to optimize audiences and costs.

Shows are fine and news more interesting

if you do by heeding him!

Let’s celebrate, o, Pasqual’s dear naissance

which happened on February, the 3rd!

Let’s all within remember name and surname!

Pasqual is with us! O, have joy forever!

His big genius evermore proclaim!

His mastermind evermore proclaim!

PS: I do these things in moments of solitude, it is not megalomania…


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