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Blue mozzarella? Not in Italy!

“Mozzarella”, as you surely know, is a typical Italian cheese, we usually put on pizza, for istance.

It is nice, fresh and white. White like the snow, white like the ice, white like the pureness.

Recently some fake mozzarella have been discovered in a supermarket, coloured in blue because of a bacterium. Obviously, it was not an original Italian product! Someone, in Germany, have tried to copy this cheese and something wrong must have happened.

When you look for Italian products, that are the best in the world, please check if they are really made in Italy!

Many cheeses and others Italian specialties are counterfeit by dishonest companies who wants take advantage of the prestige of our traditions.

Put attention on your shopping, it is in your interest!

(PS: I will come back to Television and Cinema, my professional target,

in the next post…)

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