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Last times too many problems for Italy.

Inflation, precariousness, weakness of institutions, delinquency, clandestine immigration and international image destroyed. Political leaders become scapegoat for people discontent, independently from their responsibilities.

 Of course, if change lire/euro had been managed with more cautiousness, if financial laws were different, if Italians frontiers had been not opened in such irrational way, if some absurd laws on general pardon had not approved, if Prodi government had not managed to disappoint any electoral promise, perhaps discontent would be less relevant.
 I think it could be an explanation of recent elections in Italy.
Probably, Veltroni has not won because people did not want to put faith to a team similar to the previous.
The Rainbow Left, a part the not very incisive symbol, has not persuaded focus target and has not enlarged it.

North League has seemed a sort of bastion of the rights menaced by clandestine immigration.

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