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The magic of Disney conquers China: Shanghai Disney Resort

Shanghai Disney Resort‘ was finally inaugurated, in a triumph of films, fireworks and the music of a synphonic orchesta. (No matter it was raining…) After 17 years of work, Shanghai Disneyland, built up in the Pudong area, currently is the largest park of Mainland China (389 hectares), the most technological in the world and that one that needed the most courageous investment in the history: 5,5 billions dollars. Inside the park, there is the hugest and tallest castle of ever, with a tower of 200 feet, and some attractions such as ‘Tron’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.
The leaders of China and USA greeted the born of the park; China President, Xi Jinping, called the project:

“a commitment to cross-cultural cooperation and our innovation mentality in the new era”

whereas Barack Obama, U.S. President, wrote in an official letter:

“Blending a U.S. business with the beauty and rich cultural heritage of China, this resort captures the promise of our bilateral relationship. With the opening of Shanghai Disney Resort, Disney is providing the people of China with family entertainment for all of China and its Mainland, (…) (it) reflects the growing relationship between our nations. It promotes further cultural exchanges and underscores the importance of China continuing to make itself more attractive to investment from around the world, that is mutually beneficial to both our countries.,”

Obama’s letter was addressed to Walt Disney Chairman Bob Iger and was read aloud, at the opening of the Park.

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