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the “accountancy” of the superheroes hands

According to the most recent scientific discoveries, children who lost their hands because of an illness or an accident can take advantage of surgery and bionic, and get new robotic hands, perfectly able to do their job. Some companies involved in entertainment, such as Disney and Marvel, already granted their collaboration as for the design, and children could have new hands in a perfect Iron-man, Frozen or Incredibles style. And what child, e.g., would not like a ‘bat-hand’?
We should ask Bruce Wayne, perhaps, the Wayne Foundation…
Next Batman-based films will be starred by Ben Affleck: ‘Justice League’ and ‘the Bat Man’. These days, Ben Affleck is a quite particular superhero in Gavin O’Connor’s ‘the Accountant’, at the top of American box office, presented in Italy at the Rome Film Festival, to be released in our theatres on October 27.
Rather than a traditional superhero, intended as a person given with particular faculties, Christian Wolf (Ben Affleck) works as an accountant for the worse world criminal companies, involved in mafia, drugs, any possible kind of horrible crime. He continuously change identity and takes the name of important mathematicians of the history; his hands are important but his most important power is into his brain, being an almost autistic genius in numbers, and a mastermind in weapons and fighting techniques. In his incredible trailer, he has a Pollock and a Renoir.
Many people try to catch him, such as Simmons (Raymond King), Financial Crimes Investigation Chief at the Treasure Department, who asks the analyst Marybeth Medina (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) to find such a dangerous chap. (Also starring in the film Anna Kendrick, J.K Simmons, John Lithgow e Jeffrey Tambor.)
By the way, it is to remember that Ben Affleck’s brother, Casey, has been sincerely appreciated at the Rome Film Festival for his role in ‘Manchester by the sea’, and already rumored as a possible Oscar winner.
Now… who wants a Bat-hand?
Source: Ansa, personal education

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