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Zuckerberg as a President and other (Facebook) demons

What relation may be between Facebook and the White House? More than one could presume… These days everyone of us is strictly apprehensive about the relationships between North Korea and US, and the hope is for nothing of terrible. However, some people already try to foresee the future, the future President of United States, e.g., or those ones who will run for.  (Please note we already dealt with this subject in a previous post, ‘the White House in 2020 – Communication to Power?’).
Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of a 2 billion users worldwide platform, and the 52% of American people, according to the polls, tries to keep themselves informed searching in Facebook pieces of information. The Big Brother of social networking planned a trip in 30 States “to better know the Americans”, starting from Iowa, in which primary race starts first every four years, and meeting the Ford workers in Detroit, that was fundamental for the election of Trump.
He officially said: “I will be not the candidate”, but everybody says so, till the last moment. He hired David Plouffe, a mastermind of political marketing, former Obama’s advisor, and Joel Benenson, an expert in demoscopic analysis, former Obama’s collaborator and chief strategist for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Zuckerberg affirms that Plouffe and Benenson work for a charity and humanitarian project, at the Chan – Zuckerberg Foundation to «care illnesses, create a better education system, and give a voice the ones who want to build a better future». The values of the Foundation could represent the original Zuckerberg proposal as a candidate to the White House, with no necessity to belong to the Democratic or to the Republican Party. Ross Perot did it. Michael Bloomberg did it.
Street Art, by the way, does not seem likely to endorse Mark Zuckerberg candidature… Some posters bear the words ‘F*ck Zuck 2020’ with the middle finger up and, according to the polls, the popularity of the Facebook inventor currently is at the 24%.
PS: as for Facebook as a social networking platform,

  • the company increased his attention toward online piracy, thanks to the startup ‘Source3’, that will enforce the tool ‘Rights Manager’;
  • some rumours speak of negotiations with Hollywood for TV shows, and of a 15 inches speaker like that one of Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod;
  • cherry on the cake, a new App, ‘Watch’, will be soon on different devices and will help people to stay tuned on their best TV shows by creating sections such as ‘The most talked about’, ‘What make people laugh’, live and sport events.

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