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New powers of the Dreams factory

Spielberg goes to India?

Asiatic industry of Entertainment becomes stronger day by day?

World Economy is in a critical stage?

Solution of these problems can arrive from Italy! Cinecittà is European dreams factory, a Hollywood on the Tiber (and the Tiber is the river which passes through Rome, of course…)

Innumerable films have been realized at Cinecittà, where you can find professionalism, not excessive costs and a special sense of the magic, always useful in cinema.

What about “Ben Hur”, “Cleopatra”, “Gangs of New York”, “The Passion”?

Now, a new Cinecittà was born.

Ten years ago, private shareholders got into the capital, now privatization is complete.

Recently, Cinecittà Studios has enlarged its capital, from 23 to 35 millions €, in favour of Cinecittà Holding, which is the owner of the brand and the buildings.

Studios will be granted by an automatic renovation every nine years and will be modernized.

State shareholding leaves the stage!

New Cinecittà Studios three years business plan is based on a new vision, as a co-producer for important international productions and as a joint venture with a multinational company for post-production.

IEG”, Italian Entertainment Group, is a new society, formed by the four private members of Cinecittà Studios (Luigi Abete, Diego Della Valle, Haggiag family, Aurelio De Laurentis) and, for the 15%, by Cinecittà Entertainment, which took over previous sharing in Cecchi Gori Studios.

IEG has a share in Cinecittà Studios, Cinecittà Entertainment and, for the 10%, in Filmaster, Italian leader in commercials, events and TV productions.

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