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Simpsons: Smithers’ coming out

‘The Simpsons’ reveal: Smithers loves Mr Burns. Everyone suspected, in base of the innumerable situations in which the manager dreams or shows particular feelings, but definitive coming out is going to arrive. In the 27th series of the popular cartoon, there will be a special two-episode adventure, in which Waylon Smithers will tell Mr Montgomery Burns to be gay and to love him.

Not a surprise, one could comment; Smithers once came to dream Mr Burns in a birthday cake and, another one, Smithers kissed Burns on the mouth, spite of a declaration of being “a mark of respect”. 

David Silverman, director of the series, once affirmed that Smithers is “Burns-sexual”. No problem, of course, neither for us nor for the TV series: Patty Bouvier, Marge’s sister, the teacher Dewey Largo, and the judge Constance Harm had been living without troubles their identity.

⇐The Telegraph

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