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Leo, wozz’up?

Dear Leonardo,

on November 11th we will celebrate your 40th birthday and I will be glad to drink a toast in your honor.

A bit of shadow, unfortunately,came through our relationship last summer, and I’m a bit sad about it:

I sent to you, through the Appian Way, a subject – half screenplay, hoping you could have a look at it, but the staff returned it to me saying that your policy is closely oriented to reject any idea because you cannot be sure about its actual author.

Leo! Wozz’up? My name is a guarantee, it is fairly well known, isn’t it? How did they treat me like a poor devil, as if I were a perfect “nobody”?

Besides, I can assure you on my honor about the authorship of the subject ‘Kevin & Tigor – the story of a friendship, because I’ve already published it through a web publishing company, many years ago, and it is properly registered with the SIAE (Italian society of copyright) and the Washington Copyright Office.

I would love if you please found the time to look deeper at this embarrassing situation. Should I ask Banderas? he too is involved in productions… 

Nevertheless, I give you since now my best wishes for your birthday, which I will renew in due time, and please assume my undying appreciation.

Best regards


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