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the great Gatsby

What is the difference between a visionary man and a social climber?

‘The values!’, everyone could answer.

Leonardo DiCaprio, in the role of the Great Gatsby, seems to have clear ideas when looks at the sky

and moves his right hand as to grab a star or to greet a Superior Destiny…

To be honest, the character performed by Leonardo, taken from the famous Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s novel,

is in the middle between Good and Evil, being idealistic an immoral in the same time.

Love is important for Gatsby, and ht tries to have Daisy back, because he was his first love (unless that love

too is to be managed as a material thing).  

Business is business, anyay, and our heroe does not find problems in doing his affairs with immoral people,

to obtain what he wants. And that is why we are not able to love him.

‘The Great Gatsby’ is a spectacular film, and makes his spectators breath the dream and incongruences of

life in the same time. 

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