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the Big Facebook

In 2009 I will try to keep my critical approach in any aspect of my life, also on Facebook, the most recent mania Internet people are crazy for.

Sometimes I really enjoy with it, I find it useful to relax with your friends and keep your contacts.

But sometimes I also wonder if Facebook runs the risk to become a real Big Brother, the political entity foreshadowed in the famous George Orwell’s novel “1984” (in this post we are not interested in “The Big Brother” as a reality show, perhaps in the future…).

We are all the members of a sort of police archive, we link each other, we express clearly our interests, opinions, belongings, life styles, and any other business.

An article in the New York Post of October 10, 2015 reminds us that Facebook tracks the users’ browsing to offer them relevant advertising and is going to put in the profile not only shared  and ‘Like – appreciated’ pages but also the displayed ones. The only way to protect themselves would do log out every time and not to accept cookies. Since 2010 Zuckerberg’s social network company tracks its members’ activities, drawing from cookies of other sites; until September 16, 2015, these data were not used for advertising purposes and personalized advertising appeared in base of profile information, such as ‘Like’ and ‘Share’. The ‘Electronic Frontier Foundation’ is struggling to force Facebook to acquire ‘Do not track‘ mode .

Sometimes, you can also find some clones, six or seven people with the same name, surname and photo of Leonardo DiCaprio or other famous people. Who knows why!

In the future, in a Sci-fi hypothesis, a Supreme Overseer could monitor all the people of the world thanks to the web, checking what Frank Smith wrote to Mark Johnson, if Louise Marshall usually attends the same nightclubs of Mary Stuart, and so on.

And an entire film could be based on me, on the strategies I use to make my world meet the others…

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